Annual Meeting 2022

To Make a Motion

A motion calls for specific action by Texas Baptists or some entity of Texas Baptists. Only registered messengers may make a motion. A motion normally begins with “I move to ...” or “I move that…”

  1. Write the motion legibly. (If the motion is spontaneous and you don’t have time to write it before presenting it to the convention, write the motion before leaving the microphone area.)
  2. Go to a microphone at a time when business is being considered.
  3. When recognized by the presiding officer, state your name, that you are a messenger, the name of your church, and read your motion, which must be presented to the convention during a business meeting to become an official motion.
  4. Before leaving the microphone, give the written copy of your motion to the page at the microphone. A page will take the copy of your motion to the platform so the motion can be entered into the record by the recording secretary.
  5. The Committee on Annual Meeting will announce a time for the convention to consider the motion or recommend its referral to some convention entity.