Annual Meeting 2022


Nov. 14, 2022

Monday Morning
Worship Session 1

  1. Pre-session music provided by First Woodway Baptist Church worship team.
  2. David Hardage, executive director, Texas Baptists welcomed attendees and introduced Eric Bruntmeyer, president, Hardin-Simmons University.
  3. A video on Hardin-Simmons University was shown.
  4. Bruntmeyer brought a word on behalf of Hardin-Simmons and led in prayer.
  5. Worship music provided by Art Wellborn and the worship team, First Woodway Baptist Church, Waco.
  6. Tony Canady, pastor, Triumphal Christian Fellowship, Waxahachie, brought a message on How to Remain Unwavering from Number 14:20-24.
  7. Tom Howe, associate director, Missional Engagement, Texas Baptists introduced church planters from Texas, New York, Washington, Oregon and Wisconsin.
  8. Benediction led by Joseph Adams, pastor, First Baptist Church, Hughes Springs.

Monday Morning
Business Session 1

  1. President Jason Burden declared the 137th Annual Meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Texas come to order.
  2. Dr. Edward Wagner, president of the African American Fellowship and pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Killeen, read from Ephesians 4:14-17 and led in prayer.
  3. Burden reminder messengers the taking of votes during Business Meetings will be conducted by the chair by asking the messengers to raise and lower ballots or by standing unless a ballot vote is necessary.
  4. Burden recognized Garet Robinson, chair, Committee on Credentials, for a report.
  5. Robinson announced as of 10 a.m., November 14, there were 1,101 messengers enrolled and 467 visitors duly registered. He moved that the messengers who have been enrolled as of this time be seated. Motion was approved.
  6. Burden stated if anyone wishes to challenge the seating of messengers from churches they would need to do so in writing to the Committee on Credentials. It would be referred to the Executive Board and reported back next year at the Annual Meeting.
  7. Burden recognized Adam Pardue, chair, Committee on Annual Meeting (COAM). Pardue moved the Standing Rules of the Convention as printed on page 35 of the Bulletin be approved for the Annual Meeting. Motion was approved.
  8. Pardue referred messengers to page 34 on the Bulletin for instructions to propose a resolution. The committee would be available in the Waco Room. All resolutions must be submitted to any member of the Resolutions Committee on Monday, November 14, by the close of the Monday Business Session.
  9. Pardue then moved that the Order of Business as printed on pages 8-12 of the Bulletin be adopted for the Convention. Burden mentioned the times stated were general orders and were intended for guidance only. The order of business was adopted.
  10. Burden asked anyone planning to make a nomination for president, first vice president or second vice president to come to the stage
  11. Burden stated anyone desiring to make a motion should refer to page 36 in the Bulletin, calling attention to the note on page 37. He noted that a motion will not be considered by the convention until a messenger has submitted it to the delegates during the Annual Meeting
  12. Burden recognized students from San Marcos Academy for serving as pages at the microphones.
  13. Burden reminded messengers that anyone who desired to offer a resolution should remember that a resolution is defined as an expression of opinion as opposed to a motion calling for action. Additional information can be found in the Bulletin on page 34. Any resolution must be received by the close of the Monday morning Business Session. The Resolutions Committee will be available in the Waco Room until the close of this business session.
  14. Burden announced the time for the election of the BGCT President for the year 2022 – 2023. Burden recognized Gary Cook, messenger, Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas.
  15. Cook nominated Julio Guarneri, pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, McAllen. There were no other nominations for President. Guarneri was elected by acclamation for the 2022 – 2023 term.
  16. Burden called for nominations for candidates for First Vice President.
  17. Burden recognized David Foster, Jr, messenger, Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church, Dallas.
  18. Foster nominated Nebiye Kelile for First Vice President for the 2022 – 2023 term. There were no other nominations for First Vice President. Kelile was elected by acclamation.
  19. Burden called for nominations for candidates for Second Vice President.
  20. Cory Hines, messenger, Coggin Avenue Baptist Church, Brownwood, nominated Rony Marriott for Second Vice President for the 2022-2023 term. There were no other nominations for Second Vice President. Marriott was nominated by acclamation.
  21. President Burden recognized Clint Davis, BGCT Executive Board chair, for a report from the Executive Board. Clint highlighted business from the 2022 executive board, including one Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) property exchange and one property acquisition; a new special relation with Denison Ministries.
  22. Davis recognized David Mahfouz, pastor, First Baptist Church, Warren, who gave a report for the Executive Director Search Committee. Mahfouz shared that the committee is conducting listening sessions and will post a job profile in January.
  23. Burden introduced the Gen Z/Millennial Task Force.
  24. Chris McLain, pastor, First Baptist Church, Bandera, brought a report on behalf of the task force. He shared four main themes: invite emerging adults to the table, share the story, organizational innovation and spiritual growth.
  25. Davis introduced Ward Hayes, CFO/Treasurer, Texas Baptists, to present the Treasurer’s report for 2021. Hayes presented the Treasurer’s Report for 2021. Hayes highlighted the Pastor Sabbatical Grant and the Inflation Relief Grant. He shared that total giving was at $37,700,000. Cooperative Program giving was at 99% of prior year. Mary Hill Davis Offering and Texas Baptist Hunger Offering saw giving increases compared to the prior year.
  26. Hayes brought a report on the proposed 2023 Budget.
  27. Davis moved on behalf of the Executive Board the adoption of the proposed budget for 2023 of $35,459,500.
  28. Burden asked for any discussion. Motion passed.
  29. Davis recommended the continuation of 79% BGCT and 21% Worldwide with each church selecting the recipients. The recommendation appears on page 53 of the Bulletin.
  30. Burden asked for any discussion. Motion passed.
  31. Davis moved on behalf of the Executive Board to adopt the 2023 Texas World Missions Initiative and Partnerships Allocation in the amount of $1,000,000 as detailed on page 54 of the Bulletin.
  32. Burden asked for any discussion. Motion passed.
  33. Davis moved on behalf of the Executive Board the adoption of the Recommendation of the proposed Relationship Agreement between the Baptist General Convention of Texas and Denison Ministries as found on pages 55-58 of the Bulletin.
  34. Burden asked for any discussion. Motion passed.
  35. President Burden introduced the time for Miscellaneous Business and opened the floor for messengers to make motions that were germane to the Convention. Motions could be made at this time on any topic except those issues that were otherwise delegated by the Constitution and Bylaws. Further information can be found on page 36 of the Bulletin. Motions to amend the Constitution and Bylaws could also be made at this time. Motions made on Monday would not be acted upon until the business meeting on Tuesday. They would be discussed in the order in which they were made.
  36. Scotty Swingler, student pastor, Sugar Land Baptist Church, made a motion for consideration. “The Gen Z/Millennial Task Force moves that the Chair of the Baptist General Convention of Texas Executive Board appoint a task force to explore the creation of a residency program whereby young ministers are mentored and trained by established ministers. The task force will have a budget of $10,000 to cover its expenses. The task force will present their recommendations in a timely manner to the new executive director, executive board and the messengers of the convention no later than the 2024 Annual Meeting in Waco.”
  37. Burden recognized Richard Laverty, chair, Committee on Committees, who moved for the election of the persons nominated by this Committee found on page 42 of the Bulletin. The persons nominated were elected.
  38. Burden recognized Tim Fogarty, chair, Committee to Nominate Executive Board Directors, who moved for the election of the persons nominated by the CNEBD found on page 42 of the Bulletin. The persons nominated were elected.
  39. Burden recognized Eric House, chair, Committee on Nominations for Boards of Affiliated Ministries, who moved for the election of the persons nominated by the committee found on pages 43-46 of the Bulletin. The persons nominated were elected.
  40. Burden recognized David Adams, director, Discipleship, Texas Baptists to introduce the Leadership Texas Baptists Cohort 7. Members of the cohort are: Cintia Aguilar, Allen Bramlett, Rachel Carrell, Casey Cockrell, Albert Curley, Troy Dicks, Mark Fitz, Meghan Hendrickson and Heather Penna.
  41. Todd Still, Delancey Dean and Hinson professor, Baylor University, Truett Seminary, led the benediction.

Monday Afternoon
Worship Session 2

  1. Pre-session music provided by Biblical Community Church, Richardson.
  2. Hardage introduced the focus of this session as church health. He introduced Phil Miller, Director, Church Health, Texas Baptists.
  3. Miller read Isaiah 43:16-19 and led in prayer.
  4. Worship led by David Talaguit and worship team, Biblical Community Church, Richardson.
  5. Hardage introduced Ariel Martinez, pastor, Del Sol Church, El Paso.
  6. Martinez gave a message based on Psalm 137:1-4, Ezra 6:14, Nehemiah 1:4, 3:1 and John 10:7. He spoke on how to be unwavering through the troubles of life.
  7. Transition video for the Center for Church Health.
  8. Pastor Panel discussion led by Jonathan Smith, Director, Church Health. Participants included Tim Williams, Senior Pastor, Gladewater Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant, Josh Murray, Senior Pastor, Canyon Creek Baptist Church, Temple, Carlos Gardino, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Devine, Robert White, Pastor, Freedom Church, Bedford and Dustin Slaton, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Round Rock.
  9. Tim Williams led the benediction.

Monday Evening
Worship Session 3

  1. Pre-session music by First Baptist Church, Waco, worship ministry led by Andy Muskrat.
  2. Transition video by HighGround Advisors.
  3. Opening prayer led by Kathleen Hardage, retired school teacher and wife of Executive Director David Hardage.
  4. Hardage brought the Executive Director’s report. In the report, Hardage recognized Abe Jaquez, president, Baptist University of the Americas, for the 75th anniversary of the university. He presented a $7,500 scholarship named in honor of Jaquez. He recognized Oza Jones, director, African American Ministries, for the 40th anniversary of African American Ministries.
  5. Hardage celebrated the 20th anniversary of Chaplaincy Relations. He shared that over 1,100 chaplains have been endorsed since its inception. He honored Bobby Smith, former director, Chaplaincy Relations, Texas Baptists, who passed away in 2022.
  6. Hardage spoke on new partnerships, including the International Mission Board in South Asia and Send Relief in Laredo.
  7. Hardage shared from Psalm 106. He shared his personal thoughts and hopes for the future of the convention.
  8. Hardage invited Texas Baptists to attend the 2023 Statewide Evangelism Conference in January in San Antonio.
  9. Statewide Evangelism Conference video shown.
  10. Estenban Jaquez, chairman, Memorial Committee, introduced members of the Memorial Committee.
  11. Vincent Gonzalez, North Dallas Family Church, Dallas, read Acts 13:36.
  12. Sherry Meador, First Baptist Church, Nederland, led in prayer.
  13. Memorial video shown of Texas Baptists who have passed away since the 2021 Annual Meeting.
  14. Susan Sosebee, Calvary Baptist Church, McAllen, read Romans 8:38-39.
  15. A memorial prayer was offered by Ermmias Teclemariam, Pathway Baptist Church, Garland.
  16. Congregational worship led by worship team, First Baptist Church, Waco.
  17. Hardage introduced Irene Gallegos, Director, Hunger and Care Ministries, Texas Baptists.
  18. Gallegos introduced the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering and led in prayer for the offering.
  19. Texas Baptist Hunger Offering video shown.
  20. An offering was taken.
  21. Congregational worship led by worship team, First Baptist Church, Waco.
  22. Video featuring Beach Reach was shown.
  23. Hardage led in a time of Lord’s Supper.
  24. Hardage introduced Michael Gossett, pastor, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, to bring the Annual Meeting sermon.
  25. Gossett spoke from Philippians 4:11-12, Psalm 85:1-13 and Psalm 78:41-42 about longing for more and the hope believers have in the Lord.
  26. Retirement recognition for David Hardage by Craig Christina, Associate Executive Director, Texas Baptists; Ward Hayes, CFO/Treasurer, Texas Baptist; Jason Burden, President, Baptist General Convention of Texas; Clint Davis, Chair, Executive Board, Baptist General Convention of Texas; and the Texas Baptists leadership team.
  27. A video honoring Hardage was shown.
  28. Jeff Smith, president and CEO, HighGround Advisors, led in closing prayer.