Annual Meeting 2022


Texas Baptists’ Bylaws call for the meeting of the convention to be conducted according to the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. The officers abide by this manual on parliamentary procedure. In the past, a messenger’s motion has been ruled out of order because it did not comply with Robert’s Rules of Order when a change in wording was all that was necessary for the motion to have been appropriate and in order.

Every effort is being made for the business of our convention to be conducted in the smoothest and best way possible for the advancement of our Lord’s Kingdom. If a messenger has a motion to make, the parliamentarian will be available to assist with the wording so that the motion will be in proper format.

Note: A motion will not be considered by the convention until a messenger has personally made it at the appropriate time and place while the convention is in session. A motion cannot be submitted to the delegates except during the Annual Meeting.